Vibration Engineering

Vibration induced fatigue remains a major source of loss of containment on assets – causing more than one in five hydrocarbon pipework releases.

This often leads to significant remediation costs, associated loss of production, re-design and replacement of failed piping, investigation by regulatory authorities and potential damage to reputation. Our team utilises robust engineering solutions at the design, pre-commissioning and operational phases to eliminate its occurrence, associated problems and potentially catastrophic effects – reducing downtime and increasing safety.

Fatigue threats can be designed out before a project goes into procurement and construction to reduce risk of project cost escalation and schedule delays. During the design phase we use our knowledge of field operating conditions together with modelling of dynamic systems to quantify and reduce the fatigue threat posed by vibration before operation. Most pipework and structural vibration concerns first occur during plant commissioning or early operations. Site survey, pre and post commissioning, is an important stage in the process to assess vibration issues beyond the design stage. Surveys can identify high-risk locations that can either be modified prior to start-up or reviewed during operations.

Our engineers have significant experience in performing vibration risk assessments during plant commissioning to identify and solve vibration issues before they induce failure. Failure to address vibration risks during operations exposes the asset to major safety, reliability and operational issues. Changes to plant due to ageing, debottlenecking and component replacement can alter the vibration risk profile of an asset. We support clients by developing robust vibration management strategies to identify and quantify the changes in risk. We deploy screening assessments, vibration risk assessments, measurement and long-term monitoring systems to ensure continued safe operation, all managed using our propriety online database – HAWXEYE.

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