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Colin Scully

Colin Scully
Operational Performance Engineer

What does your role cover?

Working with a client to optimise their maintenance strategy and procedures through analysis of their maintenance and equipment performance data. The goal is to highlight problem areas and to understand where and how improvements could be made to increase operational performance.

Biggest misconception about your job?

Operational Performance improvement is underpinned by Reliability, Availability & Maintainability (RAM) principles. People see the acronym and firstly think "wow, that’s a mouthful" and then secondly don’t tend to know what it actually means or how it is important to them. There is a common misconception that RAM is a “nice-to-have” add-on discipline or a check box to say you have done some sort of modelling or a high-level availability calculation. The reality is that RAM principles, standards and procedures should underpin decision-making throughout the lifecycle and are critical to maximising performance as opposed to “nice-to-have”.

Why speak to Xodus about the Operational Performance capability? 

We have over 100 years of combined experience of applying techniques and skills to improve operational performance across multiple industries, primarily in Oil & Gas but also in Nuclear, Defence, Offshore Wind and Transportation. Given our breadth and depth of experience, we are confident that we can work with our clients to understand their problem areas, or “pain points” and to identify & perform subsequent scopes of work to help ease these pains. Ultimately our aim is to help improve performance and profitability which is obviously of paramount importance during such times as these when the oil market is volatile.

If you would like information on any of our operational performance or technical safety and risk services, please get in touch.