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Kirsty Randall

Kirsty Randall
Principal Engineer - TSR

What does your role cover?

I am currently still finding my feet as I have only just started with Xodus! So far I have written some risk arguments about deluge and SSIVs, developed a proposal for a suite of technical safety studies and assisted in a review of HSE documents. The great communications and collaboration systems that are in place in Xodus have definitely made the challenge of working from home from Day 1 a lot easier and I have been in numerous virtual meetings and mural sessions already. One of my main focus areas is to build on and grow the skills and experience within Technical Safety and Risk by looking at the services we currently offer and see where there is room for expansion.

Biggest misconception about your job?

The most frustrating misconception is that safety is all just about slips, trips and falls or is a “tick box exercise”. In reality it is much more important and interesting than that and can include fire and explosion modelling, ship collision studies and hands on offshore trips - including free food and the chance to spot some marine life!

Why speak to Xodus about Technical Safety and Risk? 

One of the main drivers for me in choosing to work for Xodus was the number of experienced and knowledgeable personnel that already work within the TSR space. This wealth of experience and knowledge should be the main reason to speak to Xodus about TSR. 

Some of the specific technical areas that I hope to enhance by joining the team are the maintenance and development of Safety Cases (particularly Safety Case Thorough Reviews and procedures for these) as well as Performance Standards and their associated Written Schemes of Verification. Due to varying regulations, most of the work in these areas is essential regardless of the oil price.

If you would like information on any of our operational performance or technical safety and risk services, please get in touch.