BLOG – 05.18.20

Digital EIA: More than just a pretty interface

Petrina Raitt - Environment Manager APAC

In 2014 we launched the first eBase prototype. I was a new mum and I wanted to continue to contribute to large scale project impact assessments while working from a home office juggling motherhood. To do this well, I needed a tool to assist in storing and organising the knowledge that was stored in documents, spreadsheets and in my head!

I got another new mum on board and together we balanced work and motherhood. We worked with developers who understood what we needed and could work with us as true collaborators; through conversation, rapid prototyping and a shared vision. eBase was developed during nap time and bringing kids to meetings, so much so that our launch was marked with two glasses of champagne and two babycinos at a local pub.

Fast forward to April 2020 and while so much has changed, we find ourselves a part of a global organisation, Xodus Group – once again juggling isolation, motherhood and work as we deal with a COVID-19. Lucky we are well practiced at working from home, with kids, dogs and video conferencing to take on this next challenge.

And therein lies the reason eBase was formed; because we think working smarter is way better than working more.

eBase allows you to manage the knowledge relating to impact assessment, to turn knowledge (usually stored in word documents and PDFs) into digital assets, collaborate to create high quality data and automate workflows to reduce the time involved in impact assessment. As Green Light Environmental we believe we created a community in the Australia Oil and Gas Industry, by offering smarter solutions and listening to operators, our regulators and other consultants. Now as Xodus Group we look to widen this community as we move into other industries including offshore and onshore wind and other new energy, expand our decommissioning offering and support to the energy industry globally.

Watch this space over the next few weeks as you will begin to hear from our global team of leading impact assessment practitioners who offer thinking about Digital Impact Assessment, and how we will lead the industry into the next phase – where Digital EIA is about more than just a pretty interface. Follow us as we look to run a series of online events to share our unique global perspective with some local partners and industry leaders.

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