Deep Green Project EIA - Xodus Group
Client: Minesto UK Ltd
Location: Wales

Holyhead Deep marks the starting point of the industrialisation of Minesto’s unique marine energy technology Deep Green. It is not only the company's first commercial-scale project, but also the first low-velocity tidal energy project in the world. Developing Holyhead Deep into a commercial tidal energy array will be done in phases. In a first step, one 0.5MW Deep Green demonstrator (DG500) will be installed.

Xodus Group has been supporting Minesto in the development of the Holyhead Deep site since 2011. Appointed as Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) co-ordinator Xodus has been responsible for the scoping, procurement, management and execution of a range of surveys and studies required to support the development and consenting processes, including production of the Environmental Statement (ES) to support the consent application. These studies were resourced both internally in Xodus and via subcontractors and included offshore geophysical, benthic, marine traffic and onshore terrestrial ecology surveys; encounter modelling to inform the assessment of potential risk of collision between marine mammals and birds and operational devices, amongst others. Xodus developed and executed the stakeholder engagement strategy for the project.

Engineering support was also provided in the form of an electrical architecture study and cable routing and landfall studies.

The Marine Licence for deployment of the first Deep Green tidal device was successfully awarded in April 2017, with minimal clarifications required during the determination process. Following the successful award of the Marine Licence Xodus has been instrumental in the discharging of consent conditions ahead of deployment, including development of the environmental monitoring strategy and adaptive environmental management plan.

Work towards the development and consent application for the larger array is ongoing and has included resource assessment work and marine wildlife surveys.

 Resource Assessment
 Cable Route Selection and Landfall Studies
 EIA Co-ordination (Onshore and Offshore), Subcontractor Management and ES Production
 Survey Scoping and Management: Geophysical & Benthic; Marine Wildlife; Terrestrial Ecology; Marine Traffic
 EIA Studies: Benthic Ecology; Marine Mammals; Fish Ecology; Fisheries; Other Sea Users
 Habitats Regulations and Protected Sites Assessments
 Environmental Monitoring and Adaptive Environmental Management Plan
 Marine Licence Applications
 Stakeholder and Public Consultation
 Electrical Architecture Study
 Discharge of Consent Conditions
 Personnel Secondment

Value Added
 Integrated multidisciplinary support to the project development and consenting processes
 Flexible approach to an evolving project development strategy
 Continuity of support for a small and evolving tidal technology development company
 Development of an appropriate and proportionate environmental monitoring strategy