Fulmar and Clyde EOR - Xodus Group
Client: 2Co Energy Limited
Location: UK North Sea

Assessing the use of CO2 to enhance oil recovery

Xodus Group’s specialists determine the feasibility of using CO2 for increasing production from the Fulmar and Clyde fields in the UK Central North Sea.

2Co Energy Limited and Talisman-Sinopec tasked Xodus Group with conducting a study to determine the technical and commercial feasibility of using Carbon Dioxide (CO2) captured from a new coal-fired power station to enhance oil recovery in the Fulmar and Clyde oil fields.

The Talisman-Sinopec operated Fulmar and Clyde oil fields are located in the UK Central North Sea within 11km of each other. The Fulmar field started production in 1982 and had produced approximately 565 million barrels of oil by the end of 2013. The Clyde field started production in 1987 and had original in place reserves of approximately 140 million barrels of oil by the end of 2013.

The potential Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) scheme would import up to five million tonnes / year of CO2 to be injected into either the Fulmar reservoir or Fulmar and Clyde reservoirs simultaneously for a period of up to 25 years. Re-development of the Clyde and Fulmar fields would include drilling new wells, conversion of existing wells and provision of new processing facilities.

Assignment scope

  • Integration of significant new processing facilities into existing, ageing assets
  • Design of process handling systems to accommodate large variations in produced fluid composition and flowrate over the life of the CO2 EOR project
  • Assessment of the impact of applying CO2 EOR to large existing oil fields with wide spacing of injector and producer wells
  • Flow assurance design of interfield CO2 rich multiphase production lines in a harsh environment.


  • In-depth knowledge of existing assets enabled fast and accurate assessment of the feasibility of a range of options for installing processing equipment
  • Experienced multi-disciplinary team had excellent knowledge of the impacts of CO2 EOR on platform systems and personnel, which was applied to ensure that realistic and workable solutions were examined
  • Thorough knowledge of entire carbon capture chain enabled close coordination with carbon capture and transport systems engineering teams to ensure an aligned design throughout the system.