Gas Field-Well-Network System - Xodus Group
Client: Confidential
Location: Onshore Brazil

Optimising gas production ‘gas field-well-network’ system

Xodus provides integration of multiple gas fields, wells and network elements to optimise dynamic interactions of a complete petroleum engineering system.

The operator was seeking expertise for production strategy and field development plans to achieve long term gas contract volume flexibility. A decline in Non-Associated Gas (NAG) and uncertainty over historical data called for rigorous sensitivity analysis. Gas contract requirements drove an aggressive timeline for new fields becoming available for fast-track development.

Assignment scope
Xodus provided a highly qualified professional who worked with the client to:

  • Review and evaluate available data, resources, organisation and skill sets
  • Provide data acquisition plans for field shutdown, production optimisation
  • and wells
  • Revise static and dynamic models by history matching and well modelling


  • Successful implementation of optimised data acquisition programmes for all wells
  • Effective co-ordination with the production team resulted in a field shutdown of just a few days and a cost saving of millions
  • Dynamic modelling of existing field identified a region of undrained gas that was found to contain in excess of 40 Billion cubic feet (Bcf) of gas at the original reservoir pressure
  • Creation and evaluation of multiple development scenarios successfully extended the production plateau and deferred the start of compression
  • Compression mimicked by using pressure constraints
  • Model results used to feed data to detailed design and engineering, and pipeline size requirements provided to procurement team for fast-track development plans.