Golshan & Ferdowsi Gas Fields - Xodus Group
Client: Petrofield
Location: Offshore Iran

Delivering a fast-track master development plan.

Xodus Group integrates subsurface and surface disciplines to optimise development plans and costs for the Golshan and Ferdowsi gas fields.

The Golshan and Ferdowsi gas fields are located offshore around 180km South East of Bushehr, Iran between the South Pars and North Pars fields. The fields are located in shallow waters (70-80m).

Xodus Group was contracted to complete a Master Development Plan (MDP) for the field development project, providing the key technical input for Petrofield’s production service contract within a fast-track schedule of five months. Typically, a project of this size takes between nine and 15 months to achieve this milestone. Key to the success of this project would be the ability to integrate subsurface and surface engineering to optimise the planning procedures and associated costs.

Assignment scope

  • MDP co-ordination – organisation of all aspects of the MDP assessment and generation including geoscience, reservoir engineering and planning, well engineering, facilities and environment disciplines
  • Development strategy – generation of a matrix of development strategies to define various development areas and their associated sensitivities. A reference case was selected based on stakeholder and project drivers that were used for MDP assessment
  • Subsurface engineering – included reservoir engineering, reservoir development assessment and planning, integrated production modelling, drilling and completions assessment and design. The reservoir appraisal programme objectives and workscope were also developed
  • Surface engineering – system assessment and design from wellhead to Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) plant inlet. The scope included offshore and onshore process design, onshore process technology assessment (dehydration, acid gas removal, sulphur recovery), steady-state flow assurance, facilities design, pipeline route assessment and design, and material assessment
  • Environmental assessment – where an evaluation of regulatory framework was completed, environmental assessment was undertaken, and pipeline route and onshore site selection environmental issues and work requirements determined
  • Cost estimating / execution plan /benchmarking – cost estimates from wells to LNG plant inlet were completed, project execution schedules developed, and cost / schedules benchmarked against analogue projects
  • Risk assessment – the development’s technical, safety and economic risks and those associated with the reference case were assessed against probability and impact. Key risks areas were further evaluated and mitigation plans generated.


  • Co-ordinating all aspects of the master development plan delivered subsurface and surface discipline integration by linking geoscience, reservoir engineering and planning, well engineering, facilities and environmental disciplines
  • Identification of the major cost impact of pipeline routing and stabilisation to the original location. By moving the location Xodus achieved a significant cost saving
  • Our rapid assessment of the project and delivery of the plan ultimately allowed Petrofield to sign the long-term service contract for the upstream sections of the fields after only five months.