Middle East EOR - Xodus Group
Client: Confidential
Location: Middle East

Feasibility study into using CO2 to enhance oil recovery.

Xodus Group’s specialists determine the feasibility of using CO2 for increasing production from a mature oilfield.

Xodus Group was tasked with conducting a study to determine the technical and commercial feasibility of using Carbon Dioxide (CO2) captured from an existing onshore power generation system to enhance oil recovery from a mature offshore oilfield in the Middle East. In production since the mid-1960s, the field has significant reserves remaining that cannot be accessed via traditional primary and secondary recovery methods.

Our experts examined all facilities, from the outlet of the carbon capture plant through to the systems required to support CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) in-field. The overall plan for the CO2 EOR scheme was to extend CO2 injection in stages across the entire field as the quantity of available captured CO2 increased over time.

Assignment scope

  • Conceptual design of CO2 transportation systems, new water-alternating CO2 injection / production platforms, CO2 rich production pipeline network systems, raw production treatment and CO2 recovery / recycle systems to enable future expandability of processing systems over full field life
  • Integration of significantly altered production and processing systems into existing, ageing infrastructure
  • Design of systems to handle a wide range of composition and flowrate as CO2 breaks through from a large number of injector / producer pairs over field life.


  • Independent assessment of a wide range of CO2 recovery technologies, including revolutionary new technologies that are approaching the market
  • Experienced multi-disciplinary team had an in-depth appreciation of the complexities of modifying existing infrastructure to accommodate CO2 EOR and a thorough knowledge of the technology available to enable high pressure transportation, injection and production. This was applied to ensure all realistic and workable solutions were examined
  • Study focussed on balancing minimisation of initial capital expenditure with ensuring future expandability of the overall CO2 EOR scheme.