UK Hot Tap Project - Xodus Group
Client: Shell UK
Location: UK Continental Shelf

Providing a structured risk assessment.

Xodus Group’s specialists assess the safety, environmental and business risks of connecting a new pipeline to an existing gas trunkline in the UK North Sea.

Shell UK’s hot tap project involved welding a 16-in. hot tap on to a major 36-in. gas trunkline operating at over 130-barg and in 150m water depth. This was to be the first major hyperbaric welded hot tap on to a live gas trunk line in the UK sector, presenting unique technical challenges and complex risk management issues. Shell asked Xodus Group to carry out a structured risk assessment of the proposed operation.

Assignment scope

  • Carry out detailed project execution risk assessment
  • Develop and maintain project risk register
  • Ensure proper application of risk management
  • Support the hot tap project management team in stakeholder reviews / regulator reviews to ensure that the risk “picture” was properly understood and that the risk register was fully up-to-date
  • Develop risk-based contingency measures and use cost benefit analysis to identify which contingency measures should be put in place.


  • Efficient management of risk assessment data and risk controls using Xodus’ proprietary risk register database system, XRISK
  • Ranked list of risk management controls, each formally allocated to a specific person
  • Key performance standards developed by the risk assessment process were a core element in the contract scope of work and tender evaluation process.