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The Energy Skills Transition – Graham Barton  

Xodus is proud to be nominated as a finalist for the Contribution to Skills Award at the Scottish Renewables Scottish Green Energy Awards. To celebrate this, we thought we would ask some of our team that have already started their skills transition about their experiences and any advice they could pass on to others that are looking to new energy future.

NameGraham Barton  

Technical Discipline: Field Development 

Years in oil and gas: 34 

Years at Xodus:  

Why do you think you have been able to transfer your skills to new energy? 

Xodus’ in-house expertise and long experience in both hydrocarbon and renewables sectors provides a natural environment for transfer of skills and for individuals to work across sectors. Together with my long-standing respect for the company built up over ten years as a client, this was the main reason I joined Xodus last year.  I’ve heard elsewhere of oil people meeting resistance and suspicion from renewables folk, but that’s certainly not the case at Xodus where there’s very much a ‘one company’ ethos. 

What has been your most exciting project?  

I’ve really enjoyed leading the Offshore Wind to Green Hydrogen Supply Chain study for Scottish Enterprise. It pulled on such a diverse range of expertise within Xodus, much of it new to me, and has exciting to be involved in something truly ground-breaking.  We’ve also been very fortunate to work collaboratively with such a highly knowledgeable client group from various public and private organisations. I’m really looking forward to seeing where this study leads next.    

Have you completed any formal CPD to help you with your energy transition journey? 

There are so many good online courses available now. I’ve completed the DTU Wind Energy course on Coursera, which seriously tested some very rusty maths and mechanics, and the Edinburgh University carbon capture and storage course on EdX. I’m just now starting another energy transition course from Delft University, also on EdX  

How are you helping others identify how they can work in the new energy mix world we are moving into.  

Hopefully through leading by example and showing it can be done! 

I’ve also been able to facilitate connecting renewables and oil and gas facilities folk through my assignments. By bringing these people together we have been able to create teams with a diverse energy background, which leads to us delivering a robust and challenged solution to our clients. We see particular hunger from our graduate engineering community to diversify and expand into gaining renewables and other energy transition-related experience. 

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