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Helping you achieve greater efficiency in environmental data management

A fully integrated environmental data management system which comprises a suite of tools to allow the UK offshore oil & gas industry to effectively manage their environmental responsibilities, environmental data and ease the reporting burden.

This cloud based software service allows for effective reporting of environmental emissions data to both internal corporate and industry regulatory bodies.

The application ensures compliance and consistency in environmental emissions reporting, linking to the UK Energy Portal and Environmental Emissions Monitoring System (EEMS) for automatic submission of environmental emissions data. EmTRAX has been developed on the foundation that Xodus has vast environmental experience and has drawn on a wealth of lessons learned from UK operators.


  • Reporting of data to regulatory body
  • Fully Auditable
  • Comprehensive security model, with access levels set depending on requirements
  • Chemical management for offshore operations, including:
    • chemical permit preparation (including CHARM and Osborne Adams Calculators)
    • tracking of chemical use and discharge
  • Atmospherics emissions tracking and reporting, including EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS), including forecasting
  • Oil in produced water tracking
  • Emissions reporting


  • Improved productivity with significant time and money savings in comparison to manual alternatives
  • Manages your legislative needs, streamlines your processes and increases your efficiency
  • Eliminates numerous manual tasks and reduces errors
  • Reduces time for information verification and reporting
  • Reduces the risk of environmental non-compliance
  • Reputation protection
  • Time and cost savings
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