Client: INSITE North Sea/Oil & Gas UK

INSITE Interactive

Location: United Kingdom
Value Added by Xodus

Xodus provided INSITE with a team of technology and industry experts, including industry leading GIS specialists and environmental researchers, to develop the novel tool “INSITE Interactive”. Our multi-disciplinary team incorporating industry experts and current and past PhD students enabled us to create a dedicated Data Facilitator to bridge the gap between industry and academia.


The INSITE Programme has launched a major collaboration between offshore industries and researchers, designed to give marine scientists access to valuable industry-acquired ecological data.


A key outcome from the Foundation Phase was that new data is needed to maximise the outcomes from the science programme. The second phase of INSITE has been developed in partnership with NERC and CEFAS, which in addition to a significant funded research programme, also includes a ground-breaking data collaboration between industry and science. This data Initiative is crucial to furthering the scientific objectives that were set out by INSITE in 2014. At the conclusion of a successful INSITE Phase 1, the need for high quality data to describe the ecosystem in the North Sea and enhance the scientific outcomes from the research was clear.

INSITE needed a GIS-based data sharing portal to give scientists visibility of catalogued industry data. This would be made available for INSITE researchers to provide a robust process to identify data collected by industry during their operations, which could be used to further research into the role of anthropogenic structures in the ecosystem.

A programme also needed to be developed to assist researchers in accessing the primary data held by INSITE operator partners.

Disciplines Involved

A wide variety of expertise have been used across the Environmental and GIS divisions including extensive experience in the needs of the research community.


Xodus has developed a web GIS tool “INSITE Interactive” which answers INSITE’s requirements. Christina Horspool, Xodus’ Environment Manager said: “As a company, we pride ourselves on knowledge sharing and collaboration. This work is crucial for the INSITE project as it provides visibility of available industry data for the first time and bridges the gap between industry and academia, helping communication between two very different worlds for mutual gain. Our specialists have extensive experience in the needs of the research community and therefore were able to apply that understanding in the development of the tool. We look forward to playing an ongoing role in this unique INSITE data-sharing initiative.”

Benefits for INSITE

+ Efficient design execution;
+ Specialist GIS expertise;
+ Extensive academic research experience;
+ Regular project personnel;
+ Novel tool development.

Benefits for Xodus

+ Novel project;
+ Wide range of involvement in the INSITE programme;
+ Understanding of stakeholder expectations;
+ Challenging GIS tool development.

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