Client: Confidential

Late Life Planning

Location: United Kingdom
Value added by Xodus

Through concept studies and detailed engineering support, Xodus was able to produce a post-COP OPEX saving of up to 80% for our client through adopting a Not Normally Attended (NNA) strategy prior to full decommissioning. Our team of specialists were able to identify risk and opportunities for cost savings which supported the objectives of the clients without sacrificing safety or adversely impacting the expected life span equipment or efficiency of operation. The outcome of the project was a testament to our experienced personnel and our collaborative working relationship which resulted in innovative and achievable solutions.


Xodus have provided detailed engineering support to CLIENT to select the optimum level of maintenance and manning required for their platform prior to final decommissioning.


The platform comprises a conventional 4-legged steel jacket with integrated topsides housing modular packages that contain production, utility, drilling and accommodation facilities. The platform supported production from several fields and exported production fluids through a nearby hub platform.

Production from the fields was suspended in 2014 with formal cessation of production (COP) from the fields approved in 2016. Prior to commencement of the decommissioning option selection project, the area infrastructure continued to operate at full manning levels.

As part of an overall project to select the optimum overall decommissioning programme for the facilities, Xodus performed a detailed study to assess the potential for reducing operating costs and manning on the platform ahead of final decommissioning activities.

The main activities performed for the operating cost optimisation scope were:

+ Assessment of the feasibility of operating the asset in reduced manning and not normally attended (NNA) modes, including a review of major accident hazards and major environmental incidents,
+ Confirmation of well integrity management requirements and interface requirements with connected assets,
+ Identification of rig package requirements for future well abandonment operations,
+ Assessment of work required to prepare for NNA status and re-activation of drilling facilities,
+ NNA maintenance and operational requirements,
+ Development of financial models to assess the economic value of alternative options.


+ Highly experienced personnel who could quickly identify equipment and infrastructure required to support a wide range of scenarios for late life operation,
+ Detailed analysis of actual out turn maintenance levels per equipment item and system enabling accurate assessment of manning levels required to execute maintenance burden for operating scenarios,
+ Close interaction with platform technical authorities and operations team to understand current status of equipment and systems plus manning usage on non-specific maintenance tasks,
+ Expert technical safety input to assure continuing safe operation of platform and efficient preparation of safety case modifications,
+ Expert input to late life manning studies, enabling a post-COP OPEX saving of up to 80%.

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