Client: Black Sea Oil & Gas S.R.L.

Midia Gas Development Concept & FEED Studies

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Added Value

+ Integrated, experienced engineering team offering complete development and detailed FEED solutions from reservoir through to product delivery to the onshore gas network.
+ Expert knowledge of current market conditions across all aspects of the supply chain enabled effective decision making and refinement of the options examined.
+ Thorough examination of the opportunities and risks associated with converting an existing drilling rig to long term production service, including thorough knowledge of the current market status of drilling rigs worldwide.
+ Effective engagement with regulatory authorities to define requirements for oil and gas production facilities in a frontier development area.
+ Effective integration and alignment with client project management team.


Black Sea Oil & Gas. is the operator of the petroleum exploration, development and exploitation block XV Midia, located on the continental shelf of the Romanian Black Sea. The Ana and Doina reservoirs lie in Midia Block XV of the western Black Sea, some 110 kilometres to the east of Constanta, Romania. They intend to develop the Midia Gas Development Project (MGD Project) to produce and process gas from the Ana and Doina gas fields (>99 mole% methane) and supply consumers within Romania and/or the EU. The MGD Project is the 1st new offshore gas development project in the Romanian Black Sea to be built in the last 30 years and has the ability to produce 10% of Romania’s gas needs during 1st phase.


Xodus Group executed a concept select study to determine the most effective overall production scheme for producing gas from the fields, including:

+ Installation of new, low cost full processing facilities offshore.
+ Conversion of existing warm-stacked drilling rigs to use as a new in-field offshore full processing facility.
+ Full subsea production system linked to new onshore gas treatment plant.
+ Combination of subsea wells and a new minimum facilities normally unmanned platform offshore linked to a new onshore gas treatment plant.
+ Assessment of the potential of utilising existing (limited) 3rd party local infrastructure in the Black Sea area to enable MGD production.
+ Assessment of the potential to use the new MGD infrastructure for developing 3rd party gas discoveries in the Romanian Blacksea through MGD.

The scope included the definition and lifecycle costing of all surface and subsea facilities plus integration with Black Sea Oil &Gas’s subsurface team to provide an effective, joined up solution from reservoir to onshore gas delivery to market. The selected processing scheme was a Combination of subsea wells and a new minimum facilities normally unmanned platform offshore linked to a new onshore gas treatment plant.

Following on from the concept study, Xodus Group executed a full spectrum detailed FEED study for the all of the facilities from wellheads to delivery flange, including preparation of onshore and offshore safety case information, a full environmental and social impact assessment and specification, bid evaluation and selection of vendors for over 10 major equipment packages (e.g. power generation, compression, subsea wellhead/Christmas trees, dehydration, ICSS, telecommunications, etc.). The FEED team comprised all of the engineering disciplines required to deliver the design of the full facility in a frontier exploration/production area where minimal legislation exists to define the requirements of offshore systems with the team effectively engaging with local regulation bodies to define and develop the requirements for offshore installations.


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