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Multiphase Virtual Metering

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Value Added by Xodus

Xodus has continuously provided support to Woodside’s North West Shelf surveillance teams to bring valuable new insights to production, integrity and safety-related data.

Xodus is available when needed to provide innovative, fast track, data-dependent solutions for operations support.


Xodus has a strong capability of implementing intelligent monitoring solutions into operators’ surveillance platforms. Virtual metering of multiphase systems requires an understanding of fluid mechanics as well as the data that supports the predictions of flow. Xodus Group’s multiphase virtual metering solutions combine: 

+ Expert engineering to understand the physics of the problem,
+ Simulation of fluid mechanics and thermodynamics using industry-accepted software,
+ Analysis of real time and historical asset data to determine the relationships of process variables on a dependent parameter, and
+ Deep analytics such as AI and machine learning to predict future behaviour. 


One of Woodside’s asset surveillance teams had an open action to consider virtual metering to supplement the flow measurement from an existing export flow meter on one of two export trunklines which had been producing erratic readings at normal export rates. Investigations had been conducted in the past which revealed that no viable strap-on style ultrasonic instruments were available to measure this application due to high CGR and export header/riser piping geometry. Therefore, development of a validated and reliable virtual meter was proposed by the Surveillance Team to predict gas rates and condensate rates to each trunkline. 


+ Data extraction and data analysis of relevant independent process parameters around the existing trunkline export flow meter.
+ Regression of historical data from process parameters to predict gas flow rate to the metered trunkline and produce a virtual meter.
+ Create a replica of the export piping in OLGA and simulate the entire operating envelope of conditions to determine the condensate allocation to both trunklines for any flow rate.
+ Validate the virtual meters against measured flow rates during periods of known good-quality data.
+ Deploy virtual meters of gas flow and condensate flow to each trunkline into Woodside’s surveillance platform.
+ Create a dashboard to monitor deviation of flow prediction over time. 


Benefits for Woodside 

+ Measurements for gas flow when the existing meter produces bad-quality or no data;
+ Confidence in the distribution of condensate rate to each export trunkline;
+ Ability to quantify the liquid loading in the trunklines;
+ Visibility of meter drift (actual versus predicted flow). 

Benefits for Xodus 

+ Challenging project;
+ Opportunities for more implementations. 

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