Client: Confidential

Power from Shore

Location: United Kingdom
Added Value

When undertaking a desktop study, the effectiveness of the outcome is measured on its relevance to the real world. Our real-life experience of consent and post-consent mitigation and our breadth of multi-disciplinary experts who have experience realising projects, enabled Xodus to provide results which our client could trust to inform their decision making. In addition, our ‘one-team’ philosophy enabled us to work with our client to truly understand their objectives and constraints ensuring realistic and effective solutions were formed.


The project forms part of the client’s commitment to making the energy transition to net zero through utilising renewable energy to power their offshore operations. Xodus was commissioned to undertake an onshore and offshore routeing exercise, with the aim of identifying an optimum route for a high voltage cable to provide power to our client’s proposed offshore asset from an onshore renewable energy.


For this Power from Shore (PfS) desktop study, Xodus provided our client with both onshore and offshore environmental and technical appraisals as well as planning advice. Through initial route optioneering and selection to detailed route appraisal and refinement, Xodus provided a breath of services as part of the final deliverable, including substation site feasibility, on and offshore cable routeing, geotechnical and environmental analyses, planning advice and cost modelling. The key objectives of the study were to:

+ Identify potential landfall sites, substation locations and marine and terrestrial route options for the PfS infrastructure;
+ Provide technical and environmental appraisal of the proposed sites and routeing options; and
+ Provide a qualitative comparison of the available options including technical feasibility, consenting risk, security of supply, planning limitations, cost and schedule.

A wide variety of specialisms were used across the project scope, highlighting Xodus’ inter-disciplinary approach, facilitated by our broad range of expertise as well as our ability to work collaboratively across teams in the delivery of integrated solutions. For this project, the following specialisms were integrated into our one-team approach to delivery:

+ Environmental impact assessment;
+ Geotechnical analysis;
+ Subsea engineering;
+ Geospatial analysis and constraints mapping; and
+ Budgetary forecasting.

The project was delivered in two main stages:

+ Initial route identification and optioneering to provide our client with an options screening model, informing an interactive workshop determine the route options to take forward for detailed assessment; and
+ Detailed technical and environmental appraisal of the selected routes, providing an in-depth report identifying the environmental consenting risks, likely mitigation requirements, technical constraints and associated engineering solutions, which together informed the cost modelling exercise.

Challenges and Solutions

The client required Xodus to identify cable route corridors, which on balance resulted in the least environmental and consenting risk, while remaining technically feasible, and economically viable. As such, the project team had to overcome several challenges, including complex technical constraints, and multiple environmental sensitivities.

In order to achieve this, Xodus’ geospatial team developed an online GIS portal, putting the available environmental and technical data directly in the hands of our experts. This approach allowed the project team to work iteratively and collaboratively to identify the optimal solutions, as well as facilitating interactive workshops with our client, whereby route options were presented and refined in real time.

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