Client: Confidential

Using Best Available Technology & Emerging Trends Studies to Guide Field Development

Location: United Kingdom
Value added by Xodus

When conducting a Best Available Technology (BAT) study it is important that a breadth of perspectives are considered in order to make a truly informed decision. Xodus was able to provide confidence to the key decision makers within our client by not just considering options through a technical safety or environmental lens, but through a holistic one that brought together perspectives from across our organization. Our unrivaled experience puts us at the forefront of technology design and availability, and equips us with an extensive breadth of experts allowing our clients to make decisions with confidence.

Background to the Study

+ Greenfield project, new discovery, in the pre-conceptual phase;
+ High Pressure, High Temperature (HPHT) field;
+ Three potential options for development, depending on the discovery size:

Unmanned Wellhead Platform with minimum facilities;
Not normally attended Wellhead Platform with partial processing; or
Manned standalone processing facility.

+ Project strategy is to utilise the best technology available that was available at the time, but also which is expected to be available before the final investment decision; and
+ Objectives and drivers are to minimise manning, environmental impact, maintenance burden and personnel risk, whilst maximising economic recovery.


+ Establish reference cases for the three development options – how would they operate with currently available technology?
+ Research analogue assets and their operation and learn lessons from these;
+ Research relevant technologies and trends that are emerging in industry and which are known to be in development;
+ Record the technologies and trends in a database that could be used to inform this and future projects – and then screened and shortlist the most promising technologies and trends
+ Analyse the potential impact of shortlisted technology and trends on:

Operational reliability; and

+ Establish pathways for technology implementation; and
+ Create a roadmap based on the project schedule that details what work is required to implement chosen technologies, and when that work should be done


+ Our multi-disciplinary project team provided unrivalled expertise across the project objectives and drivers from oil and gas, renewables and technology backgrounds– we have world-leading experts in all disciplines, meaning the project benefited from the latest developments in all areas;
+ Our project team has worked on literally thousands of North Sea projects, meaning we know a lot about comparable assets – we know where new technologies have been applied in the past, and we know where issues were encountered;
+ With an enviable team of experts always at hand, we were able to execute the study in quick turnaround, ensuring the conclusions were available as early as possible in the project schedule, enabling maximisation of the benefits of technology implementation planning;
+ With our in-house data sets and modelling, we could quantify the impact of application of the technology and trends (e.g. in terms of cost and carbon savings), not simply describe them in narrative terms alone; and
+ As an independent consultancy committed to a responsible energy future, we gave unbiased advice with a genuine desire to improve security of supply, reduce cost and environmental impact, and maximise social benefit.

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