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The Energy Skills Transition – Louis Dumenil

Xodus is proud to be nominated as a finalist for the Contribution to Skills Award at the Scottish Renewables Scottish Green Energy Awards. To celebrate this, we thought we would ask some of our team that have already started their skills transition about their experiences and any advice they could pass on to others that are looking to new energy future.

NameLouis Dumenil  

Technical DisciplineSubsea & Pipelines  

Years in oil and gas6 years 

Years at Xodus2 years 

Why do you think you have been able to transfer your skills to new energy?  

I believe that many of the skills in oil and gas are highly transferable to the offshore renewables sectors. I’ve spent 6 years in the oil and gas industry designing complex systems of subsea flexible risers; making sure they can be installed and operated safely in the harsh environment that is the sea.  The subsea power cables powering offshore windfarms around the world are subject to the same environment and constraints. The same principle of engineering and physics apply. 

What has been your most exciting project?  

I wouldn’t be able to name one specific project. The most exciting projects that I’ve worked on were offshore wind farm projects where I had to find innovative solutions to complex problems. From the early conceptual phase, where I conducted cable routing studies or cable burial risk assessment to help developers identify technical solutions or installation methodologies that added value to the project. To the operation and maintenance phase, where I undertook cable integrity risk assessment that identified areas of high, medium, and low risk to the cables from fishing, anchoring and seabed mobility factors which informed the developer’s scheduled maintenance regime. 

What advice would you give anyone wanting to put their skills to the energy transition challenge?  

Now is a great and exciting time to put your skills to the energy transition challenge. The renewable energy sector has been experiencing an unprecedented boom over the past years. Also, the renewable energy sector is an extremely competitive industry where developers are always looking to reduce costs, and this includes incorporating best practices and technologies from the oil and gas sector. While the two sectors use many of the same key skills, the terminology can differ, so my main piece of advice would to research and familiarise yourself with the industry in general. Being able to speak the same language will help you get your foot in the door.

What type of project would you like to be involved with next?  

I am very keen to help Xodus grow its cable and interconnector offering and understand how we can deliver smarter solutions to the industry. One project I am working on is the automation of probabilistic risk models for the execution of cable burial risk assessment and cable integrity risk assessment using the Python programming language.  

The concept of floating wind farms has fascinated me since university, and I would welcome any opportunity to work on floating wind farm projects. 

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