BLOG – 07.08.20

Value in Progress

by Steve Swindell - Managing Director

Global momentum is gathering across governments and industries around achieving net zero and the best routes to take. There is real value to be found in progress across the energy industry, whether that be advancements in energy efficiency and carbon reduction, increased confidence in floating wind, or collaboration on strategic energy hubs.

We are working across the energy sector advising on the bigger picture issues. I am proud that Xodus is taking a lead role in addressing its challenges head-on. This is not a matter to be dealt with in silos.

In the UK, investment in electrification through power from shore or renewables is hot on the agenda with many of our customers, whilst in Australia we are engaged with industry bodies and operators considering opportunities around decommissioning and repurposing. Our experts are excited and motivated to be helping our clients maintain their social license to operate.

With progress comes change, and only transformational change will get us anywhere close to the commercial models required for long-term industry success in the future. And that requires people who will challenge. People who get the intricacies of financing offshore developments. People who understand the leaps in technology required and are not afraid to be early adopters. It requires a community of experts with diverse skills; who will reimagine complex problems to find the simple solutions. And that’s the essence of Xodus.

Meanwhile in the United States the offshore wind market is in its infancy, but ready to boom. This is why we are proud to be taking our unique offerings to the US east coast, playing an enabling role in the development of the US offshore wind industry at a grass roots and local employment level.

As we look forward, our vision is that together, we will deliver a responsible energy future. But, what does that actually mean? And how do we achieve it?

For us, it’s about working from the principle of changing behaviours to create progress. As an industry we’ve historically tended to go straight to engineering the solution. Prescriptive briefs have all too often left little room for an unconventional or dare I say revolutionary approach.

This is changing. We are bringing our clients and stakeholders with us so that together we can learn, evolve and innovate both technically and commercially.

Trusting a community of experts to offer an alternative viewpoint can only help the level of progress required. And we’re seeing that in our interactions with clients, in our involvement with governments and regulators and in our partnership working across industries.

What’s even better is when we take these trusted partnerships and our experts and combine them with technology solutions which enable better business outcomes. From how we create new projects to how we advise on carbon emissions to how we help assets operate safely for longer, we are creating opportunities to increase value for our clients and for us to be rewarded for value added rather than time spent.

We are actively open and receptive to wrestling with the big issues. And agile enough to effect change quickly.  Explore our new website to find out more…

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