A concept study and Front End Engineering Design (FEED) project carried out by Xodus Group determined that a North Sea operator will save up to £59 million by adopting NNA ahead of decommissioning the field.
  • The operator required support to convert the platform to a minimum facilities asset which would significantly reduce abandonment support costs over a six-year period until the final decommissioning programme commenced. 
  • Xodus initiated a concept study which was closely followed by a FEED project. The transition of the platform to NNA status has now been completed. 
  • The objective of the project was to look at the technical and economic feasibility of taking the manned platform with all the associated maintenance, inspection, operation and cost that goes along with it, and move it to a minimum facilities asset. 
  • Repeated for two more assets for this client with a 75% reduction in post-COP CAPEX for the second asset and an estimated saving of 80% on post COP CAPEX for the 3rd, as result of the addition of a walk to work strategy for this asset. 
Published Date
03 Apr 2022
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