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Our skilled team provides consultancy services to energy companies during the early stages of project development up to the inception of front-end engineering design (FEED). As a truly integrated consultancy, we bring together a range of technical specialists with the right skills to work with and solve our clients’ challenges, ensuring they identify and select the most appropriate way to realise their energy resources, no matter what they are. We bring that real-world experience of how projects develop and evolve to the early stages of the development, assisting our clients in making the right decisions during the critical stage of project inception. 

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Our specialists understand the broad spectrum of business drivers that influence the development of projects.

By having a team experienced in engineering and also areas of project financing and consenting, our team can deliver advice to our clients that ensures projects represent true return on investments, are practical and feasible to construct and satisfy all stakeholder requirements to ensure that they will be consented by regulatory authorities.

The combination of skills at Xodus in the project development space is agile depending on our clients’ needs., We aim to be a trusted partner in developing projects, providing advice and expert input opinion across the entire project scope and through all phases of development to add value to our clients’ opportunities. 


We have the skills to understand and quantify your energy resource, whether it be a hydrocarbon reservoir, an offshore renewable site or a new energy pathway such as hydrogen production or carbon capture. We can then engineer the systems required to realise that energy resource and deliver it to customers.

Alongside our engineering excellence, our experts can provide advice across all aspects of a project’s development, including its environmental impact, its safety implications, financial requirements and its overall context within the energy industry. By having all of these skills within one company, we can not only provide a “one stop shop” to our clients, our experts truly understand the interaction between these areas allowing us to adapt to our clients individual needs and provide intelligent and informed advice across the full value chain of an energy development. 


We get the need to think wide. Our clever thinking ensures that the most appropriate way of developing our clients’ energy resources is selected for each project.

To achieve this, we have a structured, auditable and repeatable approach to how to develop projects that allows us to ensure that we assist our clients in developing their energy resources in line with their business drivers. 

At the core of our approach is an in-depth understanding of the drivers that impact new energy developments and how to ensure that we give appropriate weight to those factors when assisting our clients in making effective and intelligent decisions when developing their energy resources. 

We use our wide-range of technical skills to identify as wide a range of development options as possible, efficiently screen these down to feasible and practical options and then use our structured approach to understand and evaluate the technical, economic, commercial, organisational and political/societal performance of each option prior to selecting the most appropriate scheme to develop each energy project. This allow us to ensure we help our clients to develop their energy resources responsibly, assisting us all in transitioning to a cleaner, greener energy future. 


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