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Diversity and empowerment in all aspects is important at Xodus

Our new people strategy, focused on inclusive growth, and helping Xodus become THE place to work, puts inclusion at the heart. We want our people to feel seen, heard and valued as individuals.

Creating an equitable place to work, where everyone can perform at their best, is key to maintaining Xodus' reputation, while helping us retain the very best in global leaders who create meaningful impact.

By empowering our employees to come forward, and share their experiences, we’ve developed new networks and employee resource groups, where lived experiences have inspired training and development opportunities for others – and in some cases, first in industry workplace policies.

“2024's International Women's Day resonates with the work we have been doing at Xodus, and the role that inclusion plays in achieving gender equality​​​​”


Chief People Officer


Women within the energy industry are faced with headwinds that can impact their career progression. So here at Xodus we have created a programme, in partnership with industry experts LHH, that is designed for women. A programme to ensure the women within Xodus feel included and we are able to build the diverse workforce we need to continue our leading position within the energy industry.

The pilot programme, which was run in 2023, encouraged the women participating to take a holistic view of their development. Through a series of workshops and group coaching sessions the women learnt about career activism, resilience and personal impact. Building the skills, confidence and capabilities they need to face their headwinds and create the career they want. With the support of an external specialist, the participants covered a variety of thought-provoking modules and attended inspirational talks from women across different industries.

Following the successful pilot, Elev8 will be back in 2024 to support more women within Xodus.

0422 IWD Diane Horsfield

As part of our ongoing commitment to inclusion and diversity across our workforce, we joined the STEM Returners Initiative in 2023. Designed to help employers recruit the best available talent, including able candidates who have stepped away from the industry, the programme connects candidates and workplaces with suitable roles.

Following a seven-year career break, engineer Diane Horsfield was looking to re-enter the energy industry. An Honours graduate in Civil Engineering from the University of Glasgow, she spent several years working on in the offshore industry installations and designing steel topsides and subsea construction projects in both Norway and the UK.

However, after being made redundant in at the end of 2014, Diane spent time as a carer for adults with severe learning difficulties, working in sales and caring for family members. Keen to resume her career in 2022, she found traditional hiring routes incredibly disheartening.

Frustrated at the lack of value placed on her time out with the industry, she turned to the STEM Returners Initiative. As active participants in the programme, Xodus were prepared to offer Diane a role that recognised her wealth of experience and gave her opportunities to regain much needed confidence in her capability.

Today, working within our subsea and pipeline division, Diane describes her joining of our team as a feeling of “coming home”.


Led by our contracts and commercial advisor Vicki Appleby, we collaborated with Grampian Women's Aid to develop a workplace Domestic Abuse Support Policy, contributing to a supportive environment for our team.

As part of our wider drive to make diversity and inclusion part of our everyday, we believe that implementation of initiatives and policies which allow our team to feel heard and seen as individuals, is crucial. Alongside the introduction of the policy we also offered domestic abuse awareness training.

Vicki bravely shared her own story with with the aim of raising awareness and ultimately helping other people who may find themselves in a similar situation.

0422 IWD Vicki Appleby
0422 IWD Naomi Kerp

Dedicated to championing gender diversity and inclusion in the offshore wind (OSW) industry and its supply chain, Women of Offshore Wind (WOW) is co-founded by Naomi Kerp from our Environment team in Perth.

The intent is to connect women in the OSW industry from all backgrounds and areas of expertise. With the industry in Australia being relatively new, locals working in OSW have all come from other industries and backgrounds.

WOW events will see inspirational women from the offshore wind sector come together to share their stories, creating the opportunity for meaningful conversation and connections, and celebrate and promote women in energy.



We have been working hard to integrate equity, diversity and inclusion into our business. By implementing policies and initiatives that break down barriers both in a professional capacity and in our employee’s personal lives, we believe we are supporting individuals to thrive.

The initiatives Xodus has supported are driven by our desire to deliver inclusive growth to drive our business forward in the right way.

  • The APAC region has introduced 'Life Event" Leave to help support employees through something they are experiencing that is major and significant in their life. We are working on what this looks like in our other regions
  • We developed a new global parental leave policy, providing improved benefits applicable from day one of service to all employees in all countries
  • We worked with Grampian Women’s Aid in the UK to establish a Domestic Abuse Support Policy. Creating a safe workplace culture in which people feel comfortable speaking out if they are experiencing domestic abuse, as well as offering a framework of paid leave to support the individual where required. We are working on what having a policy in each of our regions.


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