Having been involved since the inception of the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in Orkney Scotland in 2001, and early wave developers previous to that, Xodus personnel and latterly Xodus have supported a wide range of technology developers, project developers and public sector organisations in both the tidal and wave energy industries. 

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Integrated approach

Our marine renewable projects are led by our renewables team but supported by more than 300 technical resources from around the world which includes specialist skills in the areas of project management, risk management, decision management, met ocean modelling & analysis (wind, wave, tide), LCOE modelling, energy systems consultancy (e.g. alternatives to grid export).  

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Buildable, bankable and consentable projects

The experts we have and the tools we bring to advising marine renewables projects understanding the need to engage with governments, supply chain and the financial sector as well as ensuring technical excellence to enable marine renewable projects to be delivered.  

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Highly Experienced

Xodus’ personnel has more that 20 years of experience working in marine renewables and we have led the industry in environmental impact assessment (EIA) having contributed to more than 50 % of all the UKs marine renewable EIAs.  


Our multi-disciplinary project development team enables buildable, bankable and consentable projects that both minimise environmental impact and promote sustainability.

Our clever thinking ensures that the most appropriate way of developing our clients’ energy resources is selected. This means we think wide and architect projects pulling in the right partners to enable your project when needed. 

We approach site selection in an integrated, multi-disciplined way, using custom tools. With metocean and geophysical/geotechnical analysis experts inhouse, along with environmental scientists, stakeholder engagement specialists, supply chain, market insights, and technology technical authorities, we progress the project development lifecycle in a transparent and auditable manner with few interfaces.  


At Xodus, we fine-tune operations to maximise uptime and reduce OPEX.

We can also provide ongoing environmental and regulatory compliance support in the discharge of consent conditions and implementation of monitoring strategies. Our digital products such as XAMIN and eBase help us to help you understand the data flowing from your assets and the environment around, and take efficient and cost effective decisions. 


We have a multi-specialised team of scientists, engineers and consultants that can piece all the integrated issues together to outline the best decommissioning solution as and when the time comes. 

Our integrated decommissioning capability covers all aspects of decommissioning including subsea cables and structures, substations, turbines and onshore facilities.   

With the offshore wave and tidal industries still in its infancy, it is important to bring our experience of decommissioning into the early phases of projects. We know that successful decommissioning is not just about ‘how’ to decommission, instead it is reliant on finding an approach to delivering success on all elements. Applying this upfront will always mean greater success at the end of the life of the asset.  


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