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The market insights team brings together our technical and commercial expertise to provide a one-stop shop for industry market intelligence, helping clients identify the right opportunities at the right time across markets, in financing and within the supply chain. 

We cover offshore wind sector growth trends and policy developments, key CAPEX and OPEX insights and financial development. We also track supply chain and innovation development through our project expertise to support client opportunity identification, route to market and supply chain strategy as well as business case development. 

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Our markets and policy team informs clients on the latest emerging and growth markets within the offshore wind and hydrogen sector.

By offering our in-house market forecasting tool, overviews of key project capacity pipelines, government ambitions and policy changes, we ensure our clients know exactly where the right opportunities exist to suit their needs.  



Understanding project cost breakdowns and financing trends is crucial in the ever-changing and competitive offshore wind sector.

Our team helps clients to develop route-to-market strategies, understand and quantify investment opportunities and establish business cases across a variety of scenarios, complementing our technical insights with in-depth financial expertise. 



We provide project delivery services during any phase of a decommissioning project, from early concept select through to execution and post-decommissioning liability monitoring support.

We have a strong track record for delivery of decommissioning and similar projects, over 270 decommissioning projects and counting. Our integrated team of specialists in all the main disciplines, environment, facilities, structural, subsea and wells, focuses on relationships which enhanced our integrated approach working with our clients, the regulator, supply chain and stakeholders. This unique perspective ensures we have our finger on the pulse and as leaders in late-life and decommissioning we can confidently say, “this is what we do”.  


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