The X-Factor is for everyone. Our focus is on creating and sustaining an inclusive culture to allow everyone to harness their X-Factor.
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Together is greater than the sum of all our parts

We want to ensure everyone feels valued and empowered to be their best. We embed trust, fairness and equality at the core of our organisation, to allow our people to thrive. We want all people regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, background, religion, beliefs, disability, personality types or any other attributes to feel welcomed, included, have a voice and grow during their time at Xodus.  

In 2019, we set out a bold vision that “together, we will deliver a responsible energy future”.  

Bringing people together is as much about diverse skillsets and views as it is about creating a sense of belonging - creating a platform where everyone can feel their best and perform at their best (as well as have fun). Together is greater than the sum of all our parts. 

We thought the best way to describe what being part of the Xodus family feels like, is to share what our people have said about being part of a team that really does have the X-Factor:

"Belonging in Xodus just happens. From day one, I knew I had a place and felt like a valued member of a team. On paper, the people I work with are colleagues but to me, they are friends."  

"Xodus to me, is great people. People who want to succeed. Adventurous people. Empowered people. People who enjoy being challenged and are not afraid to challenge. People who I first met as colleagues are now friends." 

"When I first joined Xodus, I immediately felt at home. It wasn’t like previous environments, which saw me as a resource. Xodus is a place that sees me as a person, who has something valuable to contribute and potential to grow.” 

“Everyone at Xodus is here for a reason, they have been chosen to bring their unique selves to join our family and we want them to feel like that they truly belong. We want individuals to bring their X factor, their perspectives and their ideas to work, to create a vibrant, exciting, and collaborative place to work.” - Dami Ladeinde, Diversity and Inclusion Transformation Manager  

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At Xodus, we trust our people to get the work done. We support a flexible working environment, meaning you can find a working rhythm that fits around you.

We know that the greatest ideas aren’t found sitting behind a desk, but we also know that life in isolation isn’t good for anyone, and that collaboration is one of our greatest powers to delivering change. So, we are working together to strike the right balance and leave it to our teams to work out what is best for them.  

We're ready to take on your challenge.