Onshore and offshore expert advice at all development stages.

From early site selection, measurement campaign advice, layout design and multi-disciplinary optimisation, through to wind resource, energy yield and site condition assessments, our team can deliver it all. We also provide support to 3rd party technical due diligence as well as custom, non-standard analyses.

As a part of the Project Development team, our wind analysts are integrated into project teams to provide a truly holistic solution to any challenge our clients might face.

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Xodus wind resource and energy yield analysis team offers tailored scopes of work and assist with issues that you may face when developing your wind farm, onshore or offshore. We are also experienced in supporting novel projects, such as floating decarbonisation concepts.

We always strive to provide a truly holistic approach, taking all the relevant factors required at any given stage of development, including inputs from our in-house metocean specialists and engineers in other disciplines where necessary. 

We ensure that risks and uncertainties are minimised throughout a project’s development, whether it is site selection, layout design, optimisation, repowering, curtailment assessment, or measurement campaign design. We understand the process complexities that our clients face and work closely together from the earliest stages through to completion. 


We help our clients understand their wind farm’s potential. Whether it is an early internal study or a final energy yield assessment for financing the project, we always focus on minimising the uncertainty from future risks.

Using wind resource analysis experience gained in a variety of wind climates across the world, we employ our smart tools and in-depth understanding of wind turbine performance, onshore and offshore, both fixed and floating, to conduct robust wind energy assessments efficiently and with attention to every detail.  

We carry out analysis using a variety of flow modelling techniques, including mesoscale and CFD, and employ advanced time-domain energy yield and loss modelling methods which enable to deliver realistic energy yield loss predictions, even for multiple interacting site curtailment schemes. This provides a fit-for-purpose, in-depth report - reducing risk and allowing our clients to make informed decisions. 


Applying knowledge of industry best practice in conjunction with extensive experience in wind resource and energy yield assessments, our team provides an independent view on third-party estimates, identifying and clearly communicating the associated risks.

We carry out quick turnaround red flag due diligence on energy yield assessments, as well as more in-depth reconciliation analysis on pre-construction energy yield assessments and high-level operational assessments. Therefore, our clients have a clear understanding of the strength of their data and can make business decisions accordingly.


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