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We have an enviable reputation for delivering complex flow assurance scopes across the full lifecycle of energy projects.  

With a combined experience of more than 150 years, our team of specialists provide both advanced engineering and technical integration. Our experience covers onshore and offshore developments, fixed and floating facilities in both greenfield and brownfield developments.  

With significant focus on the hydraulic and thermal performance of fluids from the reservoir through to point of sale, our ability to combine operationally focused understanding of flow assurance risk providing practical robustness and optimisation of producing systems as our core objective, ensuring best value from CAPEX and OPEX spending. 

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We recognise the importance of developing a clear operating philosophy early in the project and ensuring all parts of the development can deliver it.

We focus on a fully integrated approach to flow assurance even during the early phases. Our team endeavours to understand the fluids from reservoir to point of export and apply most suitable modelling approach based on the required complexity and fidelity. We manage the key development interfaces between subsurface, pipelines, facilities and process engineering disciplines guaranteeing that design decisions are made with a thorough understanding of how to maximise production and flexibility, minimise costs and ensure longevity of both the reservoir and the topsides.  

Our team is exceptionally knowledgeable in our understanding of production assurance related risks and appreciates the importance of reliable fluid properties and correct application of laboratory data in supporting any analysis we do. We maintain close links with the main industry software suppliers and have significant experience in the application, use and troubleshooting of these programs for a wide range of analysis. Well versed in the industry standard multiphase flow simulation packages of OLGA & PIPESIM, our team also has experience of the applications of a number of alternative tools, including PIPENET, Maximus and Ledaflow.   

In addition, we have developed in-house tools to support automation of our data management, simulation analysis, and result visualisations.  These tools allow us to simulate large ranges of parameters in a short amount of time to improve early phase decision making, (check out FLUX to find out more).  A combination of these techniques, alongside application of proprietary development and production logic, has resulted in an in-house IPM tool, backed by OLGA correlations, that allows us to conduct life of filed modelling quickly and efficiently to ensure the most robust development solution is identified.    


We have substantial experience in the management of oilfield fluids, covering both desktop and simulation studies, and specialist advice and laboratory management on behalf of our clients.

If you are having liquid, hydrate or wax management issues, need to run a pigging campaign or are seeing in-efficiencies in your start up or blow down procedures, our team can help.    

We add value across the project lifecycle through creation of robust philosophies and methods crucial to avoidance of negative impacts to production equipment or process. By identifying chemistry related issues and building a comprehensive understanding of predicted fluid behaviour, we have assisted a wide range of clients in ensuring low risk production, and the avoidance of costly remedial interventions. 

As well as traditional flow assurance support, our team has developed surveillance and intelligent monitoring tools that transforms historical and real-time data into advanced metrics. Through our tools, we leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to provide deeper insights and understanding relationships of measured and virtual parameters. Giving an enhanced view of an asset’s health and allowing better operations and integrity decision making.  To find out more check out XAMIN.


In support of our decommissioning department, we can support the preparation for decommissioning through analysis supporting effective pipeline flushing and cleaning procedure development and planning.

Using our advanced operational support knowledge and tools, production assurance is ideally placed to support with late life and end of life production decline management.  Identifying opportunities for early mothballing of systems and potential equipment bypass to extract maximum reserves whilst minimising operational overspend. 


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