Integrated strategic decommissioning solutions

Our specialists provide environmental, engineering and advisory support to decommissioning projects globally. We have an extensive track-record for decommissioning programme support and delivery throughout the energy sector, where we advise operators as well as government bodies.    

We work towards strategic decommissioning solutions by influencing regulator and stakeholder expectations, and creating a mindset that helps drive efficiency in decommissioning by supporting an integrated ‘one team’ approach 

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Using our experience and in-depth knowledge, we support our clients to visualise and walkthrough all stages of late-life operations and decommissioning, enabling cost savings to be realised through sound decision-making and optimising operations.

Through our operational support expertise, we assist our clients in late life operations developing and analysing cost models to evaluate ‘Net Present Costs of Decommissioning’. Reviewing the full range of factors which can influence and drive decommissioning decisions provides operators with an informed assessment of risk, opportunities and liabilities present for a portfolio. This can be used to benchmark projects and provide a series of scenarios which can be visualised and explored in detail to aid tough decisions. We provide operators with the best tools to optimise their asset portfolio in the context of reuse, repurposing or decommissioning as they transition through late-life operation into decommissioning. 


We provide strategic support from early decommissioning strategy development, through to early front-end planning and overall project execution. We roadmap our clients’ asset portfolios and identify optimal late life, decommissioning and repurposing/reuse strategies. 

We help to navigate the key stages of the decommissioning process through consideration of the activities, sequences and durations, logic drivers, interface points and interdependencies, enabling the efficiencies to be realised and avoiding unnecessary pitfalls.  Our road mapping tools are aligned to regional guidelines which help our clients demonstrate compliance while providing flexibility to adapt to the developing landscapes.  

Our strong working relationships with regulators, key stakeholders and our leading expertise in project delivery allows us to help influence the direction of decommissioning within all jurisdictions that we work. In addition, we openly share our expertise working in partnership with our clients and the supply chain to help drive the industry as we transition into an energy that realises the goals of such initiatives as Roadmap 2035 and achieves our shared vision for net zero. 



We provide project delivery services during any phase of a decommissioning project, from early concept select through to execution and post-decommissioning liability monitoring support.

We have a strong track record for delivery of decommissioning and similar projects, over 270 decommissioning projects and counting. Our integrated team of specialists in all the main disciplines, environment, facilities, structural, subsea and wells, focuses on relationships which enhanced our integrated approach working with our clients, the regulator, supply chain and stakeholders. This unique perspective ensures we have our finger on the pulse and as leaders in late-life and decommissioning we can confidently say, “this is what we do”.  


We support operators in ensuring they uphold their corporate responsibilities providing transparency and auditability of their processes and actions via our digital asset management suite, XAMIN.

We develop strategies to suit all decommissioning outcomes whether it be removal of equipment, with subsequent onshore processing and tracking of waste or in situ abandonment and the associated legacy management of these assets. Using XAMIN ensures decisions are supported by a robust, evidence-based rationale providing clients, regulators and stakeholders with assurance that the most appropriate decommissioning and monitoring plan is in place. 


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