An Interview with.... Delia Warren

Name: Delia Warren  

Your Technical Discipline: Renewables - Low Carbon 

Years in industry: 6 

Years at Xodus: 2 

What is your role at Xodus? 

Lead Renewables Consultant. In this role I analyse the existing and potential offshore wind supply chain in the US and abroad, identifying strengths, gaps, and opportunities. This requires a great deal of stakeholder engagement, including developers, OEMs, Tier 1 and 2 companies, economic development agencies, government representatives, training providers, industry groups. Additionally, I work with companies that are interested in expanding their operations into offshore wind from adjacent sectors, helping to minimize risks and develop sound market entry strategy. 

How does this role support the development of the industry? 

The offshore wind industry in the US is growing rapidly, but to ensure growth happens sustainably it’s necessary to be intentional and strategic. Establishing manufacturing operations in the US and playing to regional strengths will ensure that the benefits of the industry are felt locally, building support for offshore wind and creating operational and logistical efficiencies. Understanding the supply chain holistically and advising industry proponents on trends and opportunities, while assisting local companies with needed competencies to become involved, creates an ecosystem where the ambitious goals of US offshore wind are most likely to be attained.  

What are you most excited about for offshore wind in the US?  

I’m excited to see just how much this industry will be able to achieve, and what the knock-on effects will be globally. This is an enormous opportunity for decarbonization and will hopefully improve people’s perceptions around wind energy as a reliable, commercially viable energy source. I look forward to seeing the results of the industry localization work that Xodus and so many other companies are doing: where the industry clusters and manufacturing hubs will be located, which states will dominate from a generation perspective, and the scale and costs associated with the projects of the future. 

Why did you become a specialist? 

I have always found renewable energy fascinating, and in particular wind energy’s ability to extract abundant, naturally occurring energy from the air using relatively basic mechanical principles. Paired with my background in structural design for offshore oil and gas projects and coming from a place with deep ties to the ocean, becoming an offshore wind specialist seemed like my natural path. I love the work that I do and getting to actively participate in the mitigation of climate change and the clean energy revolution is my dream come true.  

Published Date
03 Apr 2022
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