Staatsolie Gas Utilisation Feasibility Case Study

Staatsolie Maatschappij Suriname N.V.

The Xodus Advisory team recently supported Staatsolie with a techno-economic study to assess the feasibility of gas utilization options, assessing high level economics, and identifying areas requiring further interrogation. 

Project Scope

The Xodus Advisory team reviewed existing data in order to evaluate: 

  • Estimate of gas resources in deep-water blocks 
  • Regional gas market analysis including in-country demand and export markets 
  • Techno-economic evaluation of a number gas utilisation options 
  • Gas development scenarios with low carbon intensity, including blue hydrogen 

Key Outputs

  • Gas supply potential 
  • Gas demand opportunities (in-country and regionally) 
  • Development options 
  • Gas price developments and expectations 
  • Identifying viable export options 


The study helped to support Staatsolie’s definition of the ranges of Suriname’s future domestic energy demands, together with regional and global gas demand, including LNG export markets. 

Xodus estimated that there are significant volumes of gas present, in the region of 30Tcf, and that this is sufficient to power significant economic growth in Suriname, in addition to allowing for export options to be considered. 

Xodus considered a number of development scenarios based on the likely number of fields and fluid types, with cost option framing for each, and an overall economic assessment. 

Published Date
03 Apr 2022
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