Xodus and Daymark a partnership to deliver success

Jamie Macdonald
Jamie McDonald 
Head of Offshore Renewables

Multiple challenges stand between the US offshore wind industry and success. Limited supply chain capacity, questions around economic viability, Jones Act compliance and required transmission upgrades, to name but a few. It is no wonder that with an ambitious goal of 30GW by 2030 many already think the road to success has been paved with failure.

However, we firmly believe that through our newly formed partnership with Daymark Energy Advisors we have the making of a partnership that can be pivotal in solving some of these key industry challenges

The US needs a successful offshore wind industry to make sure it is prepared for a sustainable future that benefits regional economies, generates quality employment, and has minimal negative impact on the environment with long-term economic viability front and centre. To enable the sector to quickly deploy and scale then we need big-picture thinking, strategic collaboration and deliberate upfront investments in infrastructure.

Working together will allow both organisations to leverage each other’s expertise to drive innovation and accelerate the transition to a more sustainable energy future while allowing them to efficiently answers the key questions developers and state agencies have.

Daymark Energy Advisors bring deep knowledge and an integrated view of onshore energy infrastructure, regulation, and markets while Xodus is a global leader in techno-commercial offshore wind development. By combining strengths and expertise, the ‘surf-and-turf' offering will carve out a leadership presence in the offshore wind consulting market by providing an end-to-end understanding of the delivery of electricity from offshore wind turbine to the ratepayer.

As a global energy consultancy, Xodus unite their unique and diverse people to share knowledge, innovate and inspire change within the energy industry. They provide support across the energy spectrum, from advisory services to supply chain advice — including all the engineering and environmental expertise needed in between. Xodus’ integrated skills base covers offshore energy project development and planning, techno-commercial advisory, offshore engineering, environmental services, supply chain and workforce analysis, hydrogen, emissions, and digital and data.

Daymark Energy Advisors delivers advisory services and analysis to their client and partners across five main practice areas: transmission planning and market analytics, clean energy policy, competitive procurement and portfolio structuring, market design and regulatory economics, and utility tariffs and rate design.  Daymark serves clients across North America and has a 43-year track record providing strategic advice and expert opinion to industry executives and boards, and testimony in state and federal regulatory proceedings.

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