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For the past 2 years our vibration engineers have been assisting BP Tortue project personnel with the implementation of a pipework vibration management strategy on their FPSO and Hub assets to minimise the risk of vibration induced fatigue failures when in operation.

We are an integral part of the BP vibration management squad that developed the strategy and have provided guidance, support and training to enable BP personnel to take increased ownership of aspects of the vibration management. This will benefit Tortue throughout its design life and will also benefit any future projects.

Numerous tasks have been executed including:

  • EPC EI vibration screening assessment reviews to determine compliance.
  • Virtual walkdowns of 3D models focussing on susceptibility to vibration. This enabled early detection of potential issues.
  • Provided BP and EPC personnel with training in conducting site based walkdowns, focussing on susceptibility to vibration for as-built pipework.
  • Supplied and trained BP personnel in the use of Xodus XAMIN vibration meters. Going forward this will ensure that the asset have the capability to conduct first pass vibration measurements 24/7 and 365 days of the year without mobilising specialists.
  • Generation of basic vibration measurement workpacks for use by non-specialist personnel with the supplied Xodus vibration meters.
  • Reviewed vibration data remotely allowing a quick response and hence reduced risk
  • Performed impact tests on main line pipework and small bore connections to determine structural natural frequencies to enable more informed decision making on modifications.
  • Advised on vibration mitigation measures to reduce the risk of failure.

We are continuing to support with the implementation of the strategy and are looking forward to the upcoming commissioning, startup and operations phases where we will continue to add value by minimising loss of containment and downtime due to vibration induced fatigue failures.

Xodus provided similar support to the Glen Lyon and Clair Ridge projects during the project and operations phases and so this further reinforces the relationship we have with BP and demonstrates the confidence that BP have in Xodus to assist them with their vibration management objectives.


Sandy Hutchison
Vibration Engineering Manager
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