Vibration Engineering

Vibration Risk Management of Subsea Systems

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Do you understand the threat of vibration induced fatigue of your subsea piping systems ?

One of the main advantages of performing a study during FEED or detailed design is that any vibration risks which are highlighted can be assessed in more detail using finite element techniques before the system is fabricated and installed on the seabed, and any mitigation measures implemented at much lower costs.  

In 2018, Xodus group co-authored the Energy Institute guidelines for the avoidance of vibration-induced fatigue failure in subsea systems. We have extensive experience in performing screening assessments and detailed analysis for piping systems identified at risk.

We have the knowledge and experience to help if you have a subsea operating asset you are concerned about, if its producing more than design, or if there is suggested threat of vibration. 


Sandy Hutchison
Vibration Engineering Manager
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