Forecasting the North Sea CCUS Infrastructure to 2050

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Forecasting the North Sea CCUS infrastructure to 2050

Xodus, a Subsea 7 company, shares industry report stating the volume of CO2 being injected into the North Sea by 2050 will be equivalent to the natural gas currently being extracted from the basin

Xodus study forecasts that that the potential scale of carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) will require some 100 reservoirs, more than 7,500 kilometres of new pipelines and dozens of onshore emissions capturing and gathering sites.

Xodus undertook a detailed analysis, assessing 560 potential storage sites, existing North Sea gas pipelines and potential new infrastructure to rank the cost efficiency of different CCUS initiatives to create the whitepaper Forecasting the North Sea CCUS infrastructure to 2050, with the hope that it will support CCUS operators and stakeholder to make better informed investment decisions.

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