Louisiana Offshore Wind Supply Chain Assessment

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Louisiana Supply Chain Report

Louisiana’s experience and expertise in offshore energy grants it a unique position to support the burgeoning U.S. offshore wind industry, at the same time attracting new opportunities for existing Louisiana businesses, expanded employment opportunities for Louisiana residents, and significant economic benefits for the State overall.

Xodus Group, in collaboration with The Pew Charitable Trusts, Greater New Orleans Inc., the Southeastern Wind Coalition, Center for Planning Excellence, and Louisiana stakeholders, has produced this report to assess the industry landscape, supply chain, and workforce opportunities available to Louisiana in the offshore wind industry. As a nationally recognized leader in port infrastructure, maritime construction, and energy production, Louisiana can further diversify and develop new employment and economic opportunities through renewable energy production.

Central findings reveal Louisiana has significant relevant industrial capabilities, port infrastructure, and a skilled workforce adept in advanced manufacturing and marine operations: assets that are necessary for the offshore wind sector’s development. This report synthesizes recommended actions based on Louisiana’s industrial landscape, the results of a state-wide supply chain and workforce assessment, and an assessment of Louisiana’s strengths and opportunities in the offshore wind market. These insights can drive targeted investments to position Louisiana as a key contributor to the national offshore wind industry.

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